Do You have a Rancid Pot Problem?

Take a look at this tip from Gary House from Cooking-Outdoors. He shows an alternative to completely taking your cast iron back down to grey-ware and re-seasoning. Try this first. It might save you some time.   Like this:Like Loading… … Continue reading

Cook In A Dutch Oven – Temperature Control

There are many methods to control temperature in a Dutch oven. As we have said in previous posts, find a method that works for you and stick with it. Here’s another article on temperature control. This one is by Gary House a … Continue reading

How to Get Rust Out of Cast Iron With Vinegar and Alfalfa Cubes

If you want to bring rusted cast iron items back to life, try a simple remedy of vinegar and alfalfa cubes. These ingredients will take the rust off any metal object without damaging or scratching it. An alfalfa cube, commonly … Continue reading

Dutch Oven Equipment to fit the Cook’s Experience – A List

Source: EquipmentFitsExperienceCook03.wpd , July 30, 2008 Beginner: One Dutch oven: a 12″ Regular or 12″ Deep Dutch oven (2 Qt difference; depends on family size) Hammer/heavy pliers as a lid lifter, tongs Bag of charcoal briquettes, matches Lighter fluid/newspaper … Continue reading